Other Factors

A man clutches his chest. He’s having a heart attack. He collapses and his heart stops. His wife calls 911. A highly trained team of paramedics arrive and start lifesaving procedures. They administer pharmaceuticals synthesized by chemists and tested with the scientific method. They use equipment developed by scientists and engineers. He is rushed to a hospital and met by a medical team who continue to work on the patient.

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You Can Do It!

I was born in Lorraine, a part of France where the churches have long been closed but the bars are doing well. I started drinking in my early teens like most of my friends and I was good at it, better than most. I moved to Florida when I was thirty and of course my drinking moved with me. I quite enjoyed the daily martinis after work -- life was good. But after 45 years of “successful” drinking I crash landed in the rooms of AA after a horrendous drunk that lasted pretty much 3 months, the last week of it spent in bed with a bottle of rum drinking 24/7.

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Forty Plus Years of Learning: What Worked and What Didn’t Work

It took the author several decades to finally obtain long-term sobriety; eventually he did and part of his solution was agnostic AA meetings. Tomorrow Bill P. turns 89, so let us celebrate with him by reading this insightful account of how he found long-term recovery. Happy Birthday, Bill P.!

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