Letting Go

I had six months of sobriety, or more accurately abstinence, when my oldest son turned 21. He had been looking forward to this milestone for one main reason—he could discard the fake ID's he'd used to get into local bars around school. He had planned a big birthday bash at a little club off campus, inviting all his friends and all their friends. The evening of the event, he sent out a text of a picture of him smiling, hugging a large bottle of Grey Goose. A birthday gift from a good friend. The caption read, "The celebration has started!"

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Secular AA Comes of Age

Pam W. and Dorothy H. met at the We Agnostics meeting in Hollywood, California, where it's common to see out-of-town visitors who frequently comment on how refreshing they find the agnostic meeting format. Witnessing this, Dorothy and Pam began to ask one another if their group was really that unique. Could there be other agnostic AA meetings out there?

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Notes from Down Under: Meetings, Storytellers, Fellowship, and Sobriety

My transition to atheism came over a long period of time and started at around seventeen years sober. I had the industrial strength Irish Catholic God of fear beaten into me as a kid. So initially, I had to learn how to unwind all of that and was advised to establish a relationship with a loving God. I thought I had achieved this, but still the prayers seemed hollow and meaningless. My breakthrough came in December of 2015 when I attended an AA meeting in Orlando, Florida.

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