One Agnostic’s Use of the Steps

Although I work with my share of agnostics and atheists, I use and adapt the original steps, introducing variations when needed. I suggest to step partners that they read about each step in the Big Book and 12 & 12. When we arrive at a step containing religious/spiritual content, I suggest to my partner that he rewrite it in a way that suits him.

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A Call for Better Networking

We secularists, agnostics, and whatever we may be in AA have made some great strides these last few years, in large measure thanks to the aaagnostica, aabeyondbelief, and WAAFT/ICSAA websites, and Deirdre’s long standing list of meetings. All good, but this mostly facilitates centralized vertical communication. There is only little to tie us together horizontally, on a regional level. So far, if I want to make contact with a meeting 3 hours away my only option is to drive there.

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Surrender, Vulnerability and Connection this moment we experience an acceptance that we lack control and that our life is unmanageable. Our ego surrenders its will through the pain and suffering of addiction. Our denial is broken and we experience a deep self-honesty and humility. We finally admit our human limitation and that we are in need of help.

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