Addiction and Yoga

My wife and I did our first date at a yoga class. It was a great idea I guess because we eventually got married. Doing a class five minutes after we met was a wonderful way to meet. We did not have to rely on each others, “verbal interface.” We met, said hi, then proceeded to do something that was non-verbal for almost an hour and a half.

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To Thine Own Self Be True

This is my favorite slogan in AA. It barely gets mentioned in the meetings I attend, but it’s on every coin I receive for another milestone of sobriety of AA. It’s a quote by William Shakespeare from “Hamlet.” I find this quote beautiful and a very accurate description of how I approach a twelve-step program for my second time around. I love the concept in AA of the power of the fellowship. I truly believe in the concept of one addict helping another. It keeps us accountable and helps us stay sober, one day at a time.

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My Life in AA: Past, Present, Future

This is a recording of the closing talk at the Widening the Gateway Secular AA Conference held in Tacoma, Washington on March 31, 2018. The speaker is Bruce H. and his talk is titled, "My Life in AA: Past, Present , Future."

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Selling AA – Early Publicity

Dreams of alcoholic hospitals, a book, and paid missionaries were perhaps, simultaneously grand and grandiose. These schemes would require money, and lots of it. “If a world-wide movement was going to take millions of dollars to launch, no problem: they’d raise millions.” (

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