The Wording was, of course, Quite Optional

When I first started drinking, the party was on. I had found the magic elixir, the one thing that made everyone, including me, more interesting and more attractive. It was my first and longest love affair and well, we all know how the story ends. The proverbial doors were closing in on me and I was hiding from the outside world both figuratively and literally.

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A Review of “Staying Sober Without God”

"Staying Sober Without God: The Practical 12 Steps to Long-Term Recovery from Alcoholism & Addictions" provides a practical approach to recovery that stresses not just the 12 steps, but also the importance of self-care, seeking help from mental health professionals, and finding a recovery community for support.

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Sobrio sin Dios

Como un miembro de AA no creyente, es decir, uno que no tiene un Dios en su vida, estoy agradecido de estar continuamente sobrio durante veintiséis años, desde que llegué a AA, a la edad de cincuenta y tres años.

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My Journeys Thus Far

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My Journeys Thus Far - once upon a time, I was driven to seek, to escape life unfulfilled. I wanted more. More of what I could not say. I plotted a course and followed a path towards the sense of success I desperately sought. Education

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Groan. Groan. Not Another Gratitude Meeting

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I've been to approximately 4,565,625 meetings since spring 2007. I heard then and I continue to hear now, people often apologize for suggesting gratitude as topic for a discussion or sharing meeting following the painful interminably long 15 second pause after a topic is invited by the chair.

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The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober

Whether you are sober curious, newly sober, or in long-term recovery, Catherine Gray’s 2017 book, The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober is a great resource. Catherine understands alcohol addiction from personal experience, and quickly earns your trust through an honest account of her journey to sobriety.

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Maybe We Are Doing the Best We Can

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The other day I was watching an episode of Monk. "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine." At some point after an obvious failure with considerable consequences, Sharona, his assistant, attempts to comfort him by suggesting that he is just doing the best that he can. What can I say, I’ll take insight from any and all sources.

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