It Came From London

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This was the second panel in the OMAGOD room on the subject of The “God” Word pamphlet, and a way forward…

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Tradition Three

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This video is exclusive content available to our supporters on Patreon and members of our YouTube Channel.

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Tradition Two: Our Group Conscience

This is exclusive content for our patrons and YouTube members. I will attempt to post one video a week on a Tradition until we get through them all. I'm reading from the 12x12 and commenting along the way. Please feel free to add your comments as well. I would love to get your thoughts on this tradition.

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The Stone that I Keep Hidden Away

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I’ve realized sober for a time, that fear of abandonment runs through my veins. My dad would disappear for several days a few times a year on a drunken binge. Usually, he also gambled away virtually everything we had. As a young child, I was terrified. As a preteen and teen, I was still terrified, but also, fantasized that he might never come back.

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Suggestible You

A fascinating perspective on how it might work is offered by Erik Vance in his absolutely essential, “Suggestible You - The Curious Science Of Your Brain’s Ability To Deceive, Transform, And Heal.” Mr. Vance was brought up in a Christian Science community. As far as I understand it, Christian Science practitioners use faith alone to heal; no doctors, no Xanax, no exceptions. Right.

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