The Lord’s Prayer – Is There a Place for it in AA?

The chairperson asks that we close the meeting with the Lord's Prayer. We stand, we hold hands and I do as I have done for years – I do not say the prayer. I stand there patiently, waiting for it to end. I look around. I see other people doing what I am doing, feeling uncomfortable; out of place. To me that prayer is a Christian prayer and if AA represents no religion, then why is it said?  Am I wrong?

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No Longer Hiding in the Dark

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No Longer Hiding in the Dark began as three separate poems written over consecutive days. One was biographical and two were autobiographical. After a conversation with a friend (he was reflected in the biographical poem), I realized that the three poems were part of the same story and that they were biographically autobiographical.

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AA and Special Needs

While AA as such has always made a point of including all who suffer from alcoholism, there have been instances where the inclusivity hasn't always worked well, either because of human limitations of our members or because of some aspects of our program which may not serve certain subgroups as well as it was intended.

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Taking Stock (Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory)

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Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are a time of reflection for me. My morning meditation often invites personal introspection in quiet moments throughout my day. My dreams too, vivid, windows and mirrors where past, present and future meet in my subconscious and greet me with the light of day.

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An Assured, Clear Distance

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I'm glad I shaved this morning. I feel more civilized - nicer. I had an older AA friend named Dick who’s been dead a good while now. Before I knew him he roamed the country for years, in and out of trouble. He said he used to visit his mother sometimes during a binge and she'd say to him "Clean yourself up, son - you'll feel better." She was right.

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