AA For Agnostics

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This the video of a podcast episode that I recorded with Andy F. an agnostic who got sober in AA and is now writing a book about the experience. Andy has been sober for over 22 years. He currently lives in Thailand but is originally from England. 

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Luke Worsfold: Inside Addiction

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This is an interview I had with Luke Worsfold, an addiction therapist located in London, England. In this episode, Luke describes his descent into addiction, and what he learned about recovery. Interested in what he learned about his own addiction, he started a podcast "Inside Addiction", which eventually led him to start his practice, Lisa Inside Addiction.

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A Love Letter

I need to find a way to stop my “us and them” mentality. On several occasions, while attending A. A. meetings, emotions have arisen in me that are far removed from the compassion inherent in Buddhist practice.

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Pandemics, Zoom, & Happy Heathens

The pandemic has taught us some things -- one being that the thirst for secular AA exceeds our most optimistic imaginings. A very short time after face-to-face meetings began to be shut down, there was a notable spike in requests to join the various secular recovery groups on Facebook. An old-school Google group called "Atheists and Agnostics in AA" saw new member applications leap from 10-15 per week to 10-15 per day.

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A Journal of the Plague Year

I take the title of this essay from the 1722 English work of Daniel Defoe which is a fictionalized account of the last great Bubonic Plague outbreak in London of 1665. I am writing this piece in September of 2020 when the entire world is in the midst of its own “Great Plague” caused by the COVID 19 pandemic and many of us older people, as well as some younger folks, find ourselves under dire threat.

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