One Big Hoax

This was quite an onerous task that took some time to complete and it is, given how bad a book this is, something I would not have taken on had the errors and misrepresentations embodied in this work been of less consequence.

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Coming Undone

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Like the Guess Who classic, She’s Come Undone, my life began to come undone, to spiral out of control into dependence on alcohol, frequent paralyzing panic, hopeless, demoralizing depression and suicidal ideation 14 years ago

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I Wanted to Dance and I Wanted to Sing

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Though I’m not trapped in a depressive episode now, I remember what it is like. For me, depression has proven chronic. Something I manage with medication, meditation, mindfulness and connection. It’s always there lurking, a foreboding shadow, threatening to consume me again.

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Richmond Walker

The Twenty-Four Hours a Day book is pocket-sized, designed for both portability, and discretion. An editor’s note tells us only that, “This book was compiled by a member of the Group at Daytona Beach, Fla”. The author, Richmond Walker, sought neither profit, nor recognition, for his efforts. He assembled his devotional reader in keeping with the best of the spirit of Alcoholics Anonymous, the desire to help others.

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Seeking Wholeness | Returning to the Source

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My spouse and I were recently conversing about who we’ve been before and after. Before and after we met. Before and after I hit bottom and got sober. Before and after our daughter died. Before and after grandchildren began to fill our lives. Both of us, often felt incomplete and desperately sought wholeness.

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God on Every Page

When he opened the Big Book for the first time, he thought ... How will I ever fit in? Recently I visited a relative in Maine who asked me only one question about AA: “Is it religious?” My first thought was, Of course it is. Instead I paused, and told her she had asked the $64,000 question.

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Another Point of View

One of the more difficult phrases for me in the book Alcoholics Anonymous occurs on page fifty-three. The verbiage made me feel as if someone were trying to sell me something. It wasn’t a drastic aversion but more that someone had rubbed my fur the wrong way.  The exact phrase is “. . . we had to face the proposition that either God is everything or else He is nothing. God either is or He isn’t.” (Alcoholics Anonymous p. 53)

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