Tradition Two: Our Group Conscience

This is exclusive content for our patrons and YouTube members. I will attempt to post one video a week on a Tradition until we get through them all. I'm reading from the 12x12 and commenting along the way. Please feel free to add your comments as well. I would love to get your thoughts on this tradition.

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The “God” Word Delusion

Delusion can come in many forms. It can be based on the mostly harmless false hope and wishful thinking of a child-like desire to prove that somethings not true when it obviously is, the more serious self-deceptions of the active alcoholic whose lack of boundaries and self-assessment lead to further self-destruction or, in the truly terrifying mass delusions of extreme political movements.

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The Lord’s Prayer – Is There a Place for it in AA?

The chairperson asks that we close the meeting with the Lord's Prayer. We stand, we hold hands and I do as I have done for years – I do not say the prayer. I stand there patiently, waiting for it to end. I look around. I see other people doing what I am doing, feeling uncomfortable; out of place. To me that prayer is a Christian prayer and if AA represents no religion, then why is it said?  Am I wrong?

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Conference “Approved”

Many people think the conference approved literature is all we're allowed to read in the meetings, and there is indeed an issue with that, since the AA publication smf-29 on conference approved literature states that the term has no relation to material not published by G.S.O. It does not imply Conference disapproval of other material about A.A. A great deal of literature helpful to alcoholics is published by others, and A.A. does not try to tell any individual member what he or she may or may not read.

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Spiritual? Religious? Go figure.

Making a decision to go to your first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting is a major step. Whatever you’ve heard about it—whether you have a friend who goes, you’ve seen it on TV, learned about it in rehab—it is going to be an experience like nothing else you’ve ever had a chance to partake in. The reason for this is that, despite AA meetings maintaining certain structures through readings, announcements, and a particular format (Speaker meeting vs. open sharing, steps discussion, etc.), it is still something that can get completely unpredictable.

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AA Myth Busting

Every now and then, someone says that Bill Wilson regretted that he wrote “Rarely have we seen a person fail...” and wished he had written “Never...” in How It Works. This is not true. No advanced historical research is necessary to find the truth, it’s on the AA website in Frequently Asked Questions About AA History.

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One Big Tent Falls Flat for This Reader

My home group in the greater Boise, Idaho area has been a friend of AA Agnostica and AA Beyond Belief for a long time now. It has been our privilege to contribute some of our 7th Tradition funds to these websites to help enable the flow of quality secular information to those of us whose needs aren't always met through our "parent" organization, GSO, in New York.

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Does The “God Word” Pamphlet Need a Name Change?

Hello fellow atheist, agnostic, and freethinking members of AA.  As some of you may know the 2018 General Service Conference decided to publish a US adaptation of the UK pamphlet “The God Word”.  We feel that this is a really good step forward in welcoming potential alcoholics like us into AA. It will help show them that there is indeed a place for them in AA and that AA can help them stay sober. 

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Secular AA Values

As the secular AA community begins to coalesce around the conference (International Conference Secular AA) and becomes more organized, our collective values are being formed either tacitly or deliberately. Although we all consider ourselves “secular,” there is a lot of diversity concerning our beliefs and approaches to recovery.

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